"Words can't describe it!" Jon Gooding
"Excellent, really enjoyed it. Cool lyrics and strong vocal" Phil Brown (Engineer - Rolling Stones, Talk Talk, Robert Palmer)
"I love this. Cool writing, great vocals and a great ensemble sound. Brings to mind what I loved about Ricki Lee Jones. Hip harmony and smooth grooves" Larry Knight (Shelby Lynne)

 Tastes like caramel with coconut ice cream and bursts of lime

Sounds like lapping waves as the sun sets on a summer's day 

Looks like your favourite Kodak memories in monochrome 

FEELS like feather eiderdowns on frosty winter's nights

SMELLS like cut grass and warm tarmac before the rain comes down
Combining elements of jazz, soul & blues encased in the experience and wisdom of a group of musicians that have worked together and apart in many forms for the last 40 years.  Through their music they are inextricably entwined, and deliver their message through a voice that's tender, urgent and gritty. 

Furious Cool, born out of shared loss and change, is a group that are striving to write beautiful songs, and share the joy of their love for music through live performances and recordings. 

Gary Shaw (guitar), Robin Vick (Bass), Cliff Chapman (keys), Bernie Fox (Drums & Percussion), Hayley Alker (Voice).

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